Our facility is designed to guarantee safe handling. We offer temperature sensitive storage for sampling, receipt processing, packaging, and distribution for all types of non-infectious biological and pharmaceutical material. The facility houses ultra-low temperature mechanical freezers, vapour-phase liquid nitrogen freezers, and refrigerators. We maintain the required temperature for door-to-door transportation in ranges from deep-frozen (-80°C) to refrigerated (2 °C to 8 °C) to room temperature (15 °C to 25 °C).

We also have options for varying rates of service available for shipments between the airlines, as well as reasonable pricing and a desire to help the medical field quickly access samples anywhere in the world and securely achieve accurate research results.

To successfully ship your samples, Bio Bird requires the following information from your organization:

  • The type of sample
  • The number of samples
  • Quality cooling (dry ice cooler-gel)
  • Control temperature
  • The delivery destination
  • Shipment weight

Once these terms have been agreed, the following items will be negotiated between Bio Bird and the shipment source:

  • Place and time of delivery.
  • Place and time of payment.
  • Airline of choice (or rely on our experience as a shipping company).
  • Acceptance of the shipment by Bio Bird.
  • Receipt of the required samples to be shipped and verification of the packaging, the weight, and the number of samples under the supervision of specialist laboratories from within the team.
  • Bio Bird will oversee delivery of samples to the customs warehouse at the airport and manage the clearance process.


The customs process usually takes about 24 hours for ordinary cargo companies with regular trips and includes the following stages:

  • Booking of the shipment with the airline agreed deadline.
  • All necessary supporting documents from Customs and permits to allow the transport.
  • Air Waybill issued by the airline.
  • Follow up with the airline to load the shipment and deliver to the destination.

During Shipment

In the absence of regular cargo trips to the destination, or when the shipment requires more than one carrier, the maximum length of shipment delivery is 72 hours. We ascribe to the TACT publication, issued quarterly by the International Association of Air Carriers (IATA). Bio Bird seeks to become the premier biological sample transportation company in the world, servicing hospitals, laboratories, medical centers, researchers, and students as vital cargo.