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ultra-freeze PDF information sheet

 ultra-freeze is a revolutionary product that will render the use of Dry Ice in the transport of biological and other samples redundant. Through the use of patent pending phase change technology the ultra-freeze will maintain a temperature range of -80°C to -20°C for a period exceeding 72 hours. This will also provide a temperature below 0°C for 100+ hours. The ultra-freeze’s performance has been thoroughly tested and verified by independent laboratories. It is suitable for the transport of non-hazardous materials, biological substances, infectious substances and has a capacity of 3.0 Litres.
SKU: ULTFRZC1. Categories: bio-bottle, Temperature Contolled.

Product Description

Standard ultra-freeze contents:
1 x Outer Carton
1 x High Density Polystyrene Cooler
1 x 3.0L Bio-Bottle
4 x Phase Change Blocks
1 x 50ml Absorbent Pad
1 x Bubble Bag
1 x Twin Diagnostic Label (both UN2814 & UN3373)

Dimensions of carton: W495mm x L495mm x H500mm

Capacity: 3.0L
Height: 245mm
Diameter: 150mm
Opening: 80mm
Complete weight: 2.97kg
Bottle only weight: 2.04kg